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White Gold Vs Platinum

There are times when you think of purchasing something precious like wedding rings or pendants and couldn’t decide between the same kinds of metals. When it comes to jewellery, many still prefer gold and the metal having colour varieties is the best part of purchasing jewellery items for fashion wear in gold. However, some of you might wonder if platinum can be bought instead of white gold and feel like it is more luxurious due to its extreme pricing. So, here’s a guide for you that compares both the metals and lets you know which one to purchase for your purpose. 


White gold is a blend of pure yellow coloured gold with white metals like nickel, silver and palladium, usually with a thin rhodium coating. These white metals in white gold help to strengthen the material and make it durable for any jewellery. The value of white gold depends on the karat (14K or 18K) and the amount of metal used to make the jewellery item. The price of white gold depends on the vendor, the amount used and your design of the jewellery piece. 

Pros of White Gold:

Affordable than platinum.
Currently popular than yellow gold.
More durable and scratch-resistant as it is alloyed with stronger metals than yellow gold.
Matches white diamonds better.
Suits fair or rosy skin tones.

Cons of White Gold:

Needs to replace the rhodium plating every few years to retain lustre and colour. The process is inexpensive, and many jewellers offer the service for free.
It is not hypoallergenic unless mixed with alloy metals other than nickel.
Often has nickel mixed with it that causes allergic reactions for some people.


Platinum is a naturally white metal, typically utilized in an almost pure form for jewellery which ranges from 95-98%. It has an appearance similar to white gold and can remain the same for years as long as they both are maintained and cared for properly. Platinum is expensive than white gold. The price of a platinum ring depends on a variety of factors like the ring style, amount of platinum used and the store or jeweller selling you the ring. 

Pros of Platinum:

Hypoallergenic (unlikely to cause an allergic reaction)
Rarer than Gold and often considered a symbol of status
More durable and heavier than white gold
Pairs best with fair and rosy skin colours.

Cons of Platinum:

Is significantly expensive than white gold 
Can get scratched and dull over time.
To keep it shining like new, it requires cleaning and polishing every few years.


If you are planning to purchase an engagement ring and not able to decide between the two metals for the setting of your diamond, then you can go through the detailed differences between them below. This will help you get an idea about which metal would be best for your ring. The main criteria for most of us would be the cost. Although now the price per gram of platinum is somewhat less than white gold (as the current gold rate is higher), it doesn’t make much of a difference while buying rings of these metals. The final cost would depend on the amount of metal used, the ring’s design and the jeweller’s other charges as well. Here’s a list of differences between platinum and white gold based on various factors for your analysis:

Composition: Platinum comes with 95-98% purity while 18 Karat white gold comes with 75% purity and 14 Karat white gold with 58.3% 
Colour: Platinum appears white with a lustrous surface while white gold is less white and may look somewhat beige-like
Durability: Platinum is more durable than 18K white gold, but white gold items are durable enough for everyday wear
Appearance: Both the metals look stunning and make any jewellery piece classy       
Maintenance: Platinum requires polishing in every few years while white gold needs to be re-plated more frequently
Allergies: Platinum is skin-friendly and causes fewer allergies, but white gold can cause skin allergies as it contains nickel 
Finishing: Platinum finishes a bit nicer than white gold, with finer details and a more refined look. 

If you’re still not sure which metal is right for your ring or jewellery, then call up our experts! They can also help you with choosing a white gold solitaire ring for your big day. 
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