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Best Red Gemstones Used in Jewellery

Red is the attention-seeking colour that signifies vibrancy and dynamic energy. It has been one of the most popular gemstone colours throughout history and is still favoured much when it comes to gemstone jewellery. Red gemstones have an eye-catching allure, and they look beautiful on almost all skin tones. Which is why gems like rubies, garnets and red diamonds have been valued for centuries.

Red colour also symbolizes our toughest emotions like love, desire and passion. Because of that, a red gemstone makes a perfect gift for a loved one, to represent our affection. Regardless of what they symbolize, it is indisputable that red gems are enchanting and glamorous when used in any type of stone jewellery. A variety of red gemstones are available in the market, and they come in a wide range of hues and shapes as well as prices.

We have picked out some of the top red gemstones used in jewellery and have mentioned some interesting facts about each of them. Read on.


Whenever we hear the term red gemstone, perhaps ruby is the only gem that comes to our mind usually. Known as the ‘king of gems’, rubies are one of the most valuable and highly sought after red coloured gemstones. Rubies are the red versions of sapphires found in the same mineral corundum. They have excellent hardness (after diamonds) and are not easily prone to breaking or chipping, which makes them durable and apt for daily wear. The best variety of ruby is said to be the pigeon blood red coloured ruby. They are the most vivid and beautiful, yet also the most costly ones.

Natural, unprocessed rubies are scarce and hence very expensive. So, most versions you’ll see in the market are either synthetic or treated in some ways. Most rubies are heat-treated to improve their colour and shine for making them more desirable. However, this process is an industry-standard and is often mentioned on the certificate of authenticity that comes with the gem. Ruby is a birthstone for July and according to astrology is worn for success, growth in businesses, and self-confidence.

Red Garnet

Garnet gemstones come in all colours except blue. The red garnet has a blood-coloured hue with brownish undertones. Garnets are not very expensive and can be good alternatives to rubies. Generally, red garnets tend to be darker in colour than rubies, and it’s easy to find beautiful pieces of garnet jewellery at relatively affordable prices.

Garnets are usually transparent eye-clean gems, as they don’t contain any visible impurities. However, garnets are not that hard or durable and can easily get scratched or damaged. When studded in rings, red garnets should be mounted in a particular protective setting to protect the gem from typical damage. They are not meant for daily wear jewellery but when maintained sensibly, can last decades. Garnet is a birthstone of January and is believed to have healing properties.

Red Diamond

Red diamonds are the most precious and scarce among all coloured diamonds available. Maximum of coloured diamonds get their shade due to the presence of specific foreign elements during their formation. Red diamonds are exclusive as they are made entirely of carbon and their colour is formed due to abnormalities in the crystal arrangement within the carbon atoms. Light bends when passing through these crystal arrangements and makes the gem appear red. Vivid red diamonds of high quality are extremely tough to find, and only a handful of them are known to exist.

Most red diamonds have secondary hues or tints that affect the price of the gem, but the best ones are the vivid red diamonds. They are incredibly expensive and durable being from the family of diamonds. A natural red diamond can cost up to several hundred thousand dollars per carat. Synthetic red diamonds are the affordable alternatives to natural ones, and these human-made varieties look the same.

Red Tourmaline / Rubellite

Tourmaline is the rainbow gemstone that is found in various colours, including red. The gem’s pinkish-red variety is called rubellite and is a top-rated coloured stone. Due to its captivating lustre and brilliant red hue, this gem is highly favoured for jewellery pieces. Rubellite is the most precious and expensive member of the tourmaline family because of its unique beauty and rarity. The vibrant red colour rays of this stone are said to bring self-confidence and motivation, reflecting passion, energy, and liveliness.

Red tourmaline or rubellite is often free of inclusions and can have very high levels of clarity. They are usually faceted to maximize the reflection of light while used in jewellery. They can be cut into almost all popular gem shapes, yet are often found in long forms. They are also sturdy and durable stones and are perfect for daily wear jewellery. Rubellite is the October birthstone and an effective healing gemstone as per astrologers.

Red Zircon

Red zircon is a natural gemstone of the Nesosilicates mineral family and is known for its incredible shine, brilliant red hue and excellent transparency. These semi-precious gemstones are quite rare, but red is a common colour zircon gems. They are often found in vivid red shades with purple or orange as secondary tints. The term zircon is often confused with the similar name cubic zirconia, which is synthetic and significantly cheaper than red zircon.

While the stone zircon is a beautiful choice for jewellery, it is not very hard, and it gets easily damaged or chipped because of its brittleness. Most zircons available in the market are heat treated. Red zircons are reasonably expensive. Red zircons symbolize motivation, guidance and prosperity. It is said to purify evil energy, preventing the mind from attracting negativity. It also helps to change the flow of luck.

Red Agate

Agate gemstone in pure red colour is very rare as most stones are often found banded with layers of white or grey. Red agates that display only red colour are probably dyed varieties. Red agate has a beautiful smooth sheen and a waxy lustre that makes them perfect for jewellery when cut into cabochons. The gem is usually translucent to opaque and is reasonably hard with excellent durability.

Agates can be worn in all sorts of gemstone jewellery pieces with reasonable care. Even though the red agate stone is affordable, the craftsmanship and settings used in making the jewellery item often raise the final price of the piece. Red Agate is said to be a protection stone which helps shield the wearer from negative energies and fear.  The gem also helps get rid of anxiety and stress.

Red Spinel

Red spinel is another highly popular red gemstone, and in the past, it was often mistaken for ruby as it looks the same. It was until modern-day gemological tools became available that people were able to distinguish between the two stones. Even the famous crown of England was thought to contain a ruby at the time, which was actually a large red spinel. Later after the discovery, this crown jewel was nicknamed as 'The Black Prince’s Ruby'. This mistake was partly due to the reason that most red spinel gems are found in the same mines as rubies.

Red spinels are often free of inclusions and display high levels of clarity. They are transparent and due to their high refractive index and dispersion, are very brilliant and apt for jewellery. The gem’s excellent durability and affordability make them a good substitute for rubies. Usually, red spinel stones found in the market are untreated. As per astrology, this gemstone is worn to gain stability and balance in life.

Red Topaz

Red topaz is the most valuable coloured gem in the family of topaz gemstones. The gem comes with dazzling and vibrant red colour yet is relatively affordable.  Red topaz has a vitreous lustre and is brilliant when faceted. It is often transparent and contains zero to one visible inclusion. Most red topaz gems in the market are heat treated to enhance their colour.

Its incredible durability and easy accessibility in nature make red topaz an ideal gemstone for jewellery pieces. Red topaz gems can be used in all types of jewellery, from bracelets and rings to earrings and pendants. The blazing red hue of red topaz is an enduring symbol of love and affection; it brings long-lasting friendship and ensures the loyalty of the one you love. 

Red Beryl / Bixbite

People have heard about emeralds, morganites and aquamarines, but not many know about bixbite. The common thing about these four is that they are all come from the same family of the beryl mineral. Bixbite is the red version as well as the rarest beryl gem. It is considered to be the rarest gemstone found on earth.

Bixbite or red beryl has pinkish-reddish hue and is found in small sizes, often under 1 carat. It usually has inclusions, like emerald and is also known by the name ‘Red Emerald’. This gem is quite durable and reasonably valuable. It is a relatively new gem in the world of gemstones and was only used in jewellery from the mid-20th century.

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