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Tips for Handling Gemstone Jewellery

Add a little colour, they said. Make it quirky, they said. Gemstone jewellery has always been carrying that little extra that we love. Whether it's a gemstone stack ring or a gemstone necklace, there's always a piece in the colour that we wear for a little contrast or maybe as a colour block! 'Cause colour is definitely fun, isn't it? However, how do we actually keep it bright and shiny all the time?

While there are a lot of talks about how to keep your gold jewellery clean, gemstones are a little tricky. What if the stone gets damaged? What if the colour fades? What are the dos and don'ts? What else do we take care of? There are just so many questions!

But fret not, we're here to help you out! Here are some tips you can follow on how to handle your gemstone jewellery:

1. Make sure to take it off before going to the beach or swimming:
Whether it's to a beach or going down for a swim, make sure that you take off your gemstone jewellery. The sweat, sunscreen and the sand can damage the stone permanently. Stones like pearls, opal and turquoise can lose their colour forever from excessive oils or perspiration. Even the chemicals used in the swimming pool can damage those stones. So even though you love that gemstone ring and wear it all day every day, make sure to take it off before you embrace the sun, sand and the sea!
2. Take it off before using hairspray or applying lotion, or any makeup products:
Another essential thing to remember is wearing your gemstone pieces After you're done with your dressing up. Whether it's applying body lotion or wearing it while you're using a hairspray, a little spray or cream on the jewellery will cloud your stone permanently. All you need to do is get set with all your skincare and dress up and put on the gold at the very end!
3. Soak it before scrubbing:
Now maybe by accident, you wore your gemstone pendant, Before you put on that lotion and suddenly the stone's looking a little dull. Don't worry, there's a simple thing to do. Mix a mild solution of dish soap and water and soak your gemstone jewellery in it. A few minutes inside, it will loosen up the dirt and moving it back and forth in the water itself, will clean it up. Take it out and dab it with a soft cloth and your jewellery is good as new!
However, some gemstones are porous in nature. Meaning they'll soak up the water when placed. Pearls, Opals and Turquoise are some examples. So before you soak your jewellery, read up online or check its report before you put it in the water.
4. Avoid using a toothbrush for cleaning:
While diamonds are easy to clean with a toothbrush, not all gemstones are up for that task. Several gemstones are delicate and scrubbing with a toothbrush might leave tiny scratches on the stone. Over time, making it lose its lustre. You can try with a very-soft toothbrush which has soft bristles to clean out the corners of the stones.
5. Don't forget to polish:
And finally, all gemstone jewellery requires a check-up. Whether it's a pair of gemstone earrings or your favourite gemstone necklace, make sure to polish it regularly. You can use a soft lint-free cloth or chamois to clean it up. Don't use a tissue as even that is liable to leave hairline scratches, which although, might not be visible yet, but will gradually dull the gemstone.

So while you're taking care of all these things, make sure to enjoy them too! Add a little colour to your workwear with a stack of gemstone rings or even a gemstone bracelet. Or add a necklace to your casual wear, it's all about choosing your own style mantra!  
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