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Taking Care of Your Pearl Jewellery

Pearls are delicate and exquisite gems found most excitingly in nature – inside a living thing. They are formed mysteriously and give out a luxurious vibe when worn with anything. Pearls have been a part of various royal jewellery attires since decades, and even now they are part of every woman’s jewellery box. Fake pearls can be found everywhere, but it is tough to find the real natural pearls and wearing jewellery out of them turns out to be an expensive affair too. Quality pearls are very long-lasting, but they need proper care to keep their sheen and lustre unchanged. No woman wants to ruin their expensive pearl jewellery, which is why we have some tips for you here. Below are some essential hacks for you to keep your pearl jewellery pieces beautiful and glossy for years.

The most important hack is - Wear your pearls! Wear them at least less than often, instead of keeping them locked in your closet. Originally born in the water, they benefit immensely from absorbing the oils that your skin naturally secretes during the day. So you can just go ahead, put them on and show them you care.

After you are done with wearing them, gently wipe your pearls with a soft cloth to remove sweat, perfume, makeup, excess oils or dirt before putting them inside your closet.

Pearl jewellery pieces should be stored away from other sharp objects or metal jewellery that may scratch their surfaces. You can wrap your pearls in linen or soft cloth, or place them in a soft pouch.

It is recommended to NEVER store pearl jewellery in an airtight container or package such as a plastic bag: as pearls need moisture.  If the atmosphere is too dry, the pearls may crack. If there is a need to place your pearls in a safety box or a hot environment, you should leave a damp cloth nearby, and then make sure to get them out of there as quickly as possible.

Keep your pearl jewellery away from substances like chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, ammonia, hairspray, perfume, and cosmetics, as these will damage the surface of the pearls.

Make sure to put on your pearl jewellery after finishing your makeup and hairdo. Keep them away from direct contact of perfume, hairspray and makeup. Be very careful with chemical substances as they can make holes in the pearl nacre.

Always remove your pearl jewellery pieces before exercising to keep them away from sweat.

Remove your pearls before taking a shower, washing dishes or swimming. The water containing chlorine can eat away the epoxy securing the pearls to their mountings, and soaking the silk where your pearls are strung on can cause it to stretch out and break easily.

Avoid hanging your pearl necklaces on a hook for storing them; this process gives un-necessary strain to the silk and stretches out the necklace.

Follow these tips mentioned above to keep your pearl jewellery pieces as excellent as new. Flaunt them with your party wears or casual gears. Pick the latest designs of pearls jewellery from Melorra’s collection.
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