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Taking Care of Your Gemstone Rings

Our daily wear rings need proper care too, be it gold, silver or platinum. Our hands do so much work all day; it is evident that our finger rings come in contact with dust, dirt, water, soap, grease, makeup and more. And if they are crafted from precious metals like gold or platinum, they may get dirty and become dull losing their shine. Your rings eventually might lose their shiny lustre and look inexpensive too. But if one takes proper care of them, they can stay like new for ages. 

Many of us wear gemstone rings made of emerald, ruby, sapphire, pearl, topaz, onyx, etc. Some wear them due to fashion, while some put them 24x7 due to astronomical reasons and good luck. It is far easier to clean and care for your plain gold or silver rings, but taking care of your gemstone rings is a bit tricky. Incorrect cleaning can damage the gems studded on your rings and make them look pale. It can also make them come out of their settings if not appropriately handled while cleaning and storing. 

Taking care of your daily wear gemstone rings include few basic things in the list – cleaning, storing, and wearing. We have listed them down one after another to know what to do and what not to. Read on. 

Cleaning Your Gemstone Rings

When it comes to simple gold rings, we had recommended in our guide of gold rings earlier that you can soak them in water and soap solution. However, we would not suggest the same for gemstone jewellery. If your gold ring has gemstones studded in it, then kindly avoid this step of soaking it in water. While some durable stones like diamonds do not easily get damaged due to this method, many other gems can get damaged when soaked in water for a long time (for example, emerald or onyx). So to keep on the safer side, avoid it altogether. Instead, follow the below tip to clean your gemstones rings at home. 
1. Prepare a solution in a bowl of lukewarm water and a few drops of mild dish soap.
2. Take a soft piece of cloth and dip it in that solution to dampen it. Then clean the gemstones on your ring and the metal parts as well with that dampen cloth. Be very careful and gentle when rubbing the stones so as not to scratch or damage them.
3. After your ring has been cleaned, wipe the soap residue off its surface with another piece of soft cloth that has been dampened using normal water.
4. Pat the clean ring dry with a soft towel or cloth, and then leave it to air dry completely.

Storing Your Gemstone Rings

As much as cleaning your gemstone rings is important, storing them is too. You don’t want your rings to get dirty by holding them in a dusty place. And also you don’t want them to get scratched and dull. So, we recommend you keep them somewhere safe. While not wearing them, always keep your gemstone rings away from dust, dirt, grease, chemicals, heat, water, etc. Store them in a cool, soft and dry place. You can keep them in a separate box or pouch, wrapped in a soft cloth or cotton. Never keep them with other precious jewellery pieces or artificial jewellery; it may scratch them. You can also keep them in the same box provided by the jeweller or jewellery store. 

Wearing Your Gemstone Rings Properly

The third most important thing to do to take care of your gemstone rings is wear them properly. If you want your rings to keep shining like new, then you need to wear them correctly and keep them away from getting damaged. The gems in your ring can get scratched if you do cleaning and scrubbing with your hands. Avoid wearing your stone rings while cleaning, washing dishes/clothes, showering, swimming, cooking, etc. While cooking, the gems can contact oil, ingredients, water, heat, etc. So it is better not to wear them while cooking. 

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