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How to buy gemstones?

We all love to add colour to our jewellery. Whether it's silver or gold, a little colour changes the whole look! Whether it's about pairing it up with our western wardrobe or traditional ones, it's all a game of mix and match. And when there can be matching jewellery to go with our outfits, why not?!

While there are different kinds of gemstones available in the market, how do we actually go about buying them? Is there a way to know which are precious ones? How do we know we're paying the right amount for it? If these are the questions fretting you, you don't need to worry about them anymore! Here are a few things you need to keep in mind and check thoroughly before purchasing one:

Precious vs Semi-Precious

In this era where everything has a replica, it's essential to know what stone you're actually buying. There are majorly 4 types of precious stones: Diamonds, Sapphires, Ruby, Emerald, whereas everything else falls under the semi-precious category. For example, an Onyx, a Garnet, a Moonstone or an Agate stone are all semi-precious in nature. 

1.  Gemstone Weight:

Gemstones too, are weighted in Carats similar to Diamonds and follows the same standard table as diamond cuts. The density or specific gravity (SG) of the stone also affects the weight. For example, a circular Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond, all cut in the same proportions, will still weigh differently. Here's a small list of gemstone densities for your reference: 


Density (SG)


3.97 - 4.05


3.95 - 4.03


3.50 - 3.53


3.49 - 3.57


3.28 - 4.39


2.67 - 2.78




2.60 - 2.85


1.88 - 2.50

 2.  Gemstone Cut:

Not just diamonds, but the cut of any stone is significant. The cut of stone enhances the look of the gemstone and also affect its brightness. Different gemstones are cut in different ways. For example, the best way cut for Opal is a smooth, rounded surface than for Sapphire symmetrical facets gives it that radiant look!

3. Gemstone Color

A gemstone's colour is said to be the best when it looks good under All lights. Colour is one of the crucial factors to check before buying a gem. The difference in colour is based on the structure of the stone as well as the impurities it contains. A specific change in atomic structure and there will be a different colour reflection. So confirm with your jeweller about the colour before picking it up!

4. Beware of Treatments!

There are various practices of treating the gemstones or substituting it with synthetic or other stone forms. There is a whole range of treatments used to enhance the colour and clarity of gemstones. From bleaching, heat treatment to surface-coating and laser drilling, there are all kinds. So, make sure that before buying a gemstone you check ask for all the procedures used. A seller has to disclose this information to you as per the gem trade. 

Lastly, make sure that you receive the GIA certification for the gemstones you're purchasing, and you're good to go. Add colour to your jewellery with these colour stones and flaunt your style!

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