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What is the Difference Between Various Diamond Certificates?

Diamond is diamond, right? Wrong!

A shiny rock is a diamond only when it comes with a certificate stating that it is a diamond. An uncertified diamond is no more than a mere rock with dust.

For an untrained and amateur buyer, diamonds are merely colourless reflective stones that are expensive and come on the top of the ring. However, what these buyers lack is the most crucial knowledge of purchasing these precious stones: authentication certificates. And if you don’t know what these documents are in terms of buying diamond jewellery or loose diamonds, then you need to reconsider your research about shopping for diamonds. And this guide is the ultimate destination to answer all your questions and doubts about diamond certificates.

What are Diamond Certificates?

Anything original requires proof that it is real; diamond certificates do the same for diamond stones. They are issued by some of the esteemed and renowned diamond grading agencies, both national and international. Only when a diamond stone is graded by an agency and comes with the proof of certificate does it become precious enough to be sold either in jewellery or as loose.

Moreover, diamond certificates carry various information about these precious rocks along with the source of their origin (if the diamonds were mined of lab-created). All this helps in accurately pricing the stones for the consumers. Additionally, you must that diamond certificates consist of information only about the diamonds; it does not include any data about the rest of the jewellery sections if the diamond comes fitted in a necklace, bangle, earrings, or anything else.

Different Types of Diamond Certificates

Multiple diamond agencies grade and certify diamonds. You don’t need to carry all these certificates for every diamond stone or jewellery you purchase. One certificate is sufficient to prove the authenticity of diamonds.

·              GIA: The Gemological Institute of America

·              SGL: Solitaire Gem Labs

·              DGLA: Diamond and Gem Laboratories of America

·              IGI: International Gemological Institute

·              AGS: American Gemological Society

·              EGL: The European Gemological Laboratory Organization

There are many more diamond grading agencies that work to bring real diamonds in the market and help determine their rate. However, the above-listed ones are most famous, esteemed, and trustworthy in the diamond market.

Melorra offers all of its diamond jewellery designs studded with diamonds that are certified by SGL and IGI labs. You will receive these certificates along with every diamond jewellery you order from our website.

Differences Between the Diamond Certificates


The most trusted and widespread diamond grading agency is GIA. It is an independent diamond certifying agency located in Carlsbad, California. It has branches in multiple cities across the world with access to more than 1000 certified diamond graders, educators, and scientists. The certificate by GIA is most valuable as the agency is trusted by retailers and consumers to offer rig-free and accurate information about the stones in their issued documents. Every diamond certified by GIA goes through a series of tests and is examined by at least four gemologists. Apart from offering certification, GIA leads as an institute that carries out extensive research to stay abreast with the changing technologies in the diamond and gemstone market. Moreover, it is one of the most reliable and strictest diamond grading systems among all the agencies mentioned here.

It was GIA that established the 4Cs of diamonds in 2007.


Similar to GIA, SGL grades diamond stones based on several factors and provides certificates only after it has gone through a series of gem experts who analyse the rock and prepare the report. SGL delivers its services across many cities in India, including Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune. SGL is also an independent lab that is gradually picking up pace in the diamond grading market. Hence, if you find a diamond stone with SGL certificate, rest assured that it is real and authentic.


Grading diamonds since 1898, DGLA grades diamonds based on the 4Cs. You can read more what the DGLA certificate contains about the diamond stones in our guide about them. Their vast experience of working in the diamond field gives them an added advantage over other diamond grading agencies. However, it remains next or far lower to GIA certificate. But if a diamond retailer offers you stones with DGLA certificate, you can be assured of its authenticity.


It is a non-profit diamond grading organisation that is highly trusted in Europe. IGI also has a foothold in US regions, but it comes next to all the US-based agencies. In India as well, IGI is the most trusted and household name in diamond grading, just after GIA. Besides grading natural diamonds, IGI is famous for certifying lab-created precious stones as well. However, there are slight chances of the stone being graded be off by two or three grades, but it is rare. You can trust IGI diamonds in India as they’re popular in this region among consumers as well as retailers.


Headquartered in LA, AGS is yet another popular diamond grading agency that certifies precious stones and has made a name for itself alongside GIA. Mainly, AGS is famous for its scientific approach toward grading diamonds, which uses number ratings rather than alphabets to certify diamonds. The number scale grades stones from 0 to 10 with former indicating best grade and the latter, the worst.

AGS has a strong foothold in the US, just after GIA, and even has a prominent presence across India, China, Hong Kong, and Belgium. The cut grading of AGS is superior to other agencies and uses a comprehensive ray-tracing technique to measure a diamond’s optical performance.


One of the most renowned and oldest European diamond grading agency is EGL. It has laboratories around the world in multiple major cities. And similar to GIA, EGL has a strict and vast process of examining and grading diamond stones. It is famous for certifying diamond stones that weigh less than a carat. However, there are multiple EGL certifications in the world with different names, such as EGL Israel and EGL International, which might not be relevant in the European region.

Additionally, originally a part of a larger European network of institutions, EGL USA has now split into an independent agency that strictly covers the North American region. This North American institution opened in 1977 in New York, and in 1986, it became independently owned. EGL USA is highly prevalent in the US region. However, in India, it is better to ignore EGL diamonds and go for GIA or IGI diamond grading.

Which Certificate is Best for Purchasing Diamond in India?

In essence, all the certificates are good and accurate. However, the best choice would be to pick IGI, SGL, or AGS diamond certificates as they carry more credibility in India as compared to other certifications. Furthermore, diamonds which are imported might have certificates that are popular in the region or nation they came from, which is right as well.

Overall, going for one certificate over the other is not wrong. But you need to ensure that the certificates are credible and useable if you ever decide to resell your diamond jewellery or stones.

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