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Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Require Certificates?

Not every stone that sparkles is diamond and not every diamond is naturally mined. Some are grown in labs, but they are diamonds nonetheless. They carry the same chemical composition and physical structure as the naturally mined diamond stones. The only differences between these two diamond types lie in their market price and source of origin. While one is created under immense pressure and heat of the Earth for billions of years and mined through the upper surface, the other is formed in the similar environment conditions simulated in a lab in just a few weeks.

You can buy either of these diamond kinds based on your budget, like, and requirement. You can go through Melorra’s guide on buying natural diamonds and a separate guide on shopping for lab-grown diamonds to get yourself accustomed to diamond jewellery shopping.

Now that you know about the requirements of smartly shopping for diamonds of both kinds, you would also know that buying diamond requires you to get a certificate. There are several diamond certifying agencies, which grade diamond stones and publish their characteristics, anatomy, and more to prove that the diamond is real. In this guide, we’ll talk about just that. Even though purchasing diamonds should always accompanies receiving certificates of these precious stones, many are still at the edge about getting lab-grown diamonds certified. With this guide, Melorra aims to drive away such doubts from the mind of the consumers.

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

As mentioned in our guide about lab-grown diamonds, these diamond stones are created in labs by scientists. They do not occur in nature, and are thus termed as lab-created or lab-grown diamond stones. These diamonds stones share the similar chemical and physical structure along with makeup as a naturally mined diamond rock

Mainly, they are formed using a ‘seed’ that is put in the similar environment conditions as a natural diamond, such as immense pressure and extreme heat. However, lab-grown diamonds do not take billions of years to form. On the contrary, they only require a few weeks or months to develop.

What is Diamond Certificate?

A diamond certificate is a written and stamped proof of the stone’s authenticity with all its information. Agencies like GIA, SGL, DGLA, and IGI are some of the most popular and trusted diamond grading agencies that provide certificates. These documents carry germane data about the 4Cs of diamonds, their anatomy, their source of origin, and many other information about the stone’s shape, shade, and more.

Every real diamond is certified by the above-mentioned agencies. If the certificate does not exist or does not provide all such information, do not buy they diamond jewellery. You must always look for stamps from these diamond grading agencies and explore the content and information of the diamond certificate before finalizing your diamond purchase.

Do Lab Grown Diamonds Require Certificates?

Of course, they do! Lab-created diamonds are as real as a naturally formed and mined diamond stones. Any certificate that implies the information about natural precious stones would also do the same for the lab-grown precious stones.

Lab-grown diamonds are also certified by GIA, which gives out information on its cut, colour, clarity, and carat. Such documents of lab-created diamonds are the perfect for anyone comparing different types of lab-grown diamonds before purchasing one. Moreover, grading of synthetic diamonds (lab-created stones) helps the buyer to understand where the price difference is present. Is the price difference between two synthetic diamonds due to their colour, clarity, cut, or carat? However, we suggest that you ask for IGI certified lab-created diamonds as it provides some in-depth and detailed data about the stones and their characteristics.

Grading of any diamond is essential to prove its value in the market, be it natural diamond stone or lab-grown diamond rocks. We hope to have cleared your queries regarding the need for diamond grading certificates for lab-grown diamonds. But if you have any doubt still lingering in your mind, feel free to call the customer care representative of Melorra and shoot your questions without any hesitation.

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