Tell a Friend and Win More

Get your friend to shop at Melorra. Your friend will get FLAT Rs 1200 OFF on their first buy and you will get Rs 1200 on your next buy.

Step 1
Enter your basic details and get a referral link & Share this unique link with your friends.
Step 2
Your friends can use the referral code to get an instant Rs 1200 OFF on their first purchase above the value of Rs 15000
Step 3
After which you will receive Rs 1200 OFF on your purchase. Referral code for the same will be sent via email and SMS
  1. Receive the offer code by entering your name and mobile number. Share this code with your friend.
  2. Upon using the code, your friend will get Rs 1200 OFF on their first buy, valid on purchase above Rs 15000
  3. Once your friend receives the order, you will receive your unique code to avail Flat Rs 1200 OFF on purchase above Rs 15000
  1. Only one coupon per purchase. Codes cannot be clubbed together.
  2. Call us at 080 33013252 or write to us in case you don't get the coupon code.
  3. Referral code cannot be clubbed with any other existing coupon offer.
  4. Upon delivery of the product, the exclusive referral code will be sent to you via email and SMS.
  5. The referral code will be sent to the referrer and post the referee has made a purchase.
  6. Applicable on all products above Rs. 15000 on
  7. Offer available on all jewellery from
  8. Rules & regulations about this offer can be changed at any given time by
  9. Referral code is a one-time applicable offer and will not be re-issued.
  10. Upon purchase by the referred, the referee will receive an exclusive code.
  11. All other terms and conditions of apply.