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The Quintessential Earrings

Slated as one of the oldest pairs of jewellery documented in history, earrings are without a doubt, one of the most common and essential pieces of gold jewellery. It is also one of the most commonly worn jewellery across various age groups, ethnicity and even gender. We at Melorra, have taken the cue and are as big a fan of earrings as the girl next door. So, we’ve gone over the top with the number of choices and designs of

Many a types and style

As quite a versatile piece of jewellery, there are various ways, designs, styles and manners in which gold earrings can be modernised and worn based in the current trend. You can pick a stud with a quirky motif, or opt for a hoop with a plain band design, the options to play around with the patterns are infinite. If you are feeling a little bold, you can club more than two kinds of earring for the various piercing in your ears, or you can keep absolutely basic with a plain diamond stud, it’s your fashion call after all. At Melorra, you’ll find a pair of earring to fit any of your moods. From simple, minimalistic designs to absolutely quirky and out-of-the-box patterns

Dress up your Ensemble

From choosing to wear a gold or diamond studs to the office, to wearing gold hoop for a casual day out with the friends to strutting around in gold danglers that adds the much-needed oomph to that party dress you choose, earring can lend the finishing touch to every ensemble you pick. It can either spruce up another dull outfit or tone-down an over the top dramatic outfit. So, picking the right earring is, therefore, of utmost importance. The earring is also a universal jewellery, it goes with each and every kind of outfit and occasion. Be it western wear, Indo-western wears or completely Indian – ethnic wear. You can pair the same earrings, and any or all of this attire and the gold earrings that you have on will play the part of complimenting your outfit perfectly.

Play of Colour, Size and Shape

You’ve got studs, ear cuffs, danglers, hoops, drops, diamond earrings, rose gold earrings, white gold earrings, gemstone earrings, earrings with enamels and many more options of earrings to choose from. Also, earrings can be as tiny as want and as dramatic as you’d like, which makes earrings extremely affordable. So, you can literally pick earrings by the dozens, especially from Melorra, the online gold jewellery story. The prices start from as low as Rs 3000 and above.

Therefore, as a one-stop-shop for all your everyday gold jewellery needs, you can browse through at any time and find a whole host of earring options to pick from. You’ll find a new set of earrings every single week. Also, if you are looking for designs that are based on the latest fashion trends, Melorra is the place for you. Like all other gold, diamond and gemstones jewellery at Melorra, our earrings to are designed based on the latest runway trends. Therefore, the comeback for a fresh set of earrings that are sure to keep you on point and in fashion. So, pick from the vast range of gold jewellery designs at Melorra.

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