Brewed in Blue Gemstone Pendants 
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Brewed in Blue Gemstone Pendants

Brewed in Blue Gemstone Pendants

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Brewed in Blue Gemstone Pendant - High polish yellow gold pendant that has a dangling grooved gold nugget embedded with bezel set oval light blue topaz gemstone attached to another gold nugget. Beautifully created 18Karat Gemstone Pendant from our Pastel Gemstones collection for today's women. This particular Gemstone Pendant has 2.410 g gold and Pastel Blue Oval gemstone weighing 2.000 ct.
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Note : This jewellery piece contains a natural gemstone/enamel colour which may vary slightly in colour and characteristic from the image shown.

Product Id :205059
Dimensions :Length - 20.5 mm, Width - 10.9 mm
Product Disclaimer: Weight and prices are subject to minor changes.
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